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My Journey into Real Estate

My involvement in the real estate business began over 40 years ago in San Francisco.  One of my first jobs after graduation from Santa Clara University was in the construction business.  I was well versed in the areas of construction and development.  I also spent time as a firefighter in San Francisco and had the opportunity to get to know the various areas of San Francisco intimately. Learning about the neighborhoods, and the clientele we served, played a dramatic role in my coming to a true understanding of where value and appreciation were occurring throughout the city. 

This first hand knowledge of the ‘real city’ and its neighborhoods gave me an upper hand when it came to advising my family, friends, and clients where to look for, and where to purchase real estate.   

When my wife and I moved to the Truckee area over ten years ago, a desire to learn more about the areas of this region was paramount in my mind.  I have spent the last ten years studying where the best values are and where the most appreciation has been.  This quest has brought me to Tahoe Mountain Resorts Real Estate, because the products we handle and specialize in are the best around.

Living here is so special because of the things you experience:

– A walk after a thunderstorm reveals the smell that comes from wet pine straw mixed with the clean air
– A walk late at night without street lights means the most amazing stargazing, and if you are diligent and lucky you may also see a shooting star
– A walk after the first snow, or any new snowstorm, and you will enjoy the melting marshmallow covering of everything, and the crackle of your steps in the total silence
– A plunge into one of our pristine alpine lakes, for a moment will take your breath away
– Taking in the smell of freshly cut grass as you tee off on one of our mountain golf courses is a favorite way to enjoy the summer months
– The 360 degree views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area from Martis Fire Lookout is a sight you will never forget
– No rattlers, flees or tics.  What a place to live.  Why wouldn’t you?  

Jack Bonnici