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My Favorite in Tahoe: The Truckee River

What is my favorite place in the Lake Tahoe Area? Any place on the Truckee River. This river is 121 miles long and is the water sole outlet of Lake Tahoe. The Truckee River travels and ultimately empties into Pyramid Lake in Nevada. However, I especially find the stretch of river by the new Glenshire Bridge extremely interesting. There are big pools that attract big fish as well as fishing people or “fishers” (notice that is the new PC way to refer to fishermen), and lots of swimmers splashing around, and water-loving puppy dogs. Plus, we must not forget about the floating parties of rafters traveling by. It is amazing that the fish put up with all the interlopers, but they seem to. There just seems to be an understanding that all the beasts, humans included, can find something to enjoy in this fifty-yard stretch of our beautiful and flowing mountain river.