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My Favorite in Tahoe: Donner Lake

Donner Lake has a special feel of simplicity and beauty to it. However, I believe it gets overlooked by many as the “Big Blue Lake Tahoe” is a bigger attention grabber for most visitors and/or residents in the area. That’s part of what makes Donner Lake so great…it’s not as crowded as some parts of Lake Tahoe.  My family and I enjoy a multitude of year-round activities at Donner Lake. In the winter, it’s a great spot to snowshoe through the woods on the south shore and cross-country ski on the groomed tracks of the Memorial State Park. Most people don’t even know that they groom it out there! Not only is it easy to get to, groomed, and beautiful, but you can also take your dog. In the spring and the fall it’s a great spot for hiking and fishing. Once we hit June, I take our boat out a few times a week to catch a few wake-surf sessions with my friends and family. In the middle of the week, I pop up there and launch my paddleboard right off one of the public access beaches and sneak in a nice workout during my lunch break. In August, the water temperature is perfect for a quick dip or even a long training swim. West End Beach is also a great spot for hanging out with friends and barbecuing any day of the week in the summer. Donner Lake is also a fun bike ride…You can do laps around the lake and then finish your workout with a quick swim off one of the public piers. If I had to pick one spot to spend my days, it would most certainly be Donner Lake!