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My Favorite New Trend in Green Building

One of my favorite recycle trends in the home building/remodeling world is the use of Picklewood. Not only the recycle part, but to me it gives off so much personality, whether it is being used for outdoor siding, indoor flooring, furniture, or as an accent wall. I was excited to see that Clare Walton, the architect for Tree House at Mountainside, has incorporated this material into its exterior design.

What is Picklewood, you ask?

Picklewood is originally clear (no knots) old growth Doug Fir from the Pacific Northwest, reclaimed from decommissioned Wisconsin salt brine pickling vats. In doing some research, I also learned that the salt brine is a very important distinction ability to reclaim the Doug Fir. If a vinegar brine were used, it would have rendered the wood virtually useless, and you would forever smell the odor of pickles. It is also the salt that gives the wood its unique patina.

As you can see in the pictures, Picklewood does have a lot of variation in coloring and that is why it has become a popular trend in home design. The side of the wood that faces inward during its time in a salt brine pickling vat typically will feature a patina with a lot of deep reds. However, the side that faces outward usually has more of the varying brown shades.