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We’d put ourselves in position to be lucky at sunrise, the sun and clouds would not cooperate, but it didn’t matter as the snow was as good as it gets for shooting photos. Some would call it “Champaign powder”, others “perfect powder” or maybe “AK velvet,” regardless it was stable low density snow. This last season in Tahoe seemed to be feast or famine compared to seasons past. We may have had to wait for longer stretches of time, but the deep powder days of our dreams returned, you needed to be present and ready to capitalize. These are not only the days we dream about, these are the days we live for and plan our lives around.

The season in Tahoe started with early snow that lead into record December snowfall. Power lines and trees couldn’t withstand the weight of snow and collapsed, sometimes onto roads and homes. So much snow that some were kept out by road closures, and some were buried in, but a small contingent of backcountry snow enthusiasts were in heaven.

The lake filled with water, the mountains got the base they needed for a long season. It was a December to remember. It was a joyous holiday period full of snow-filled activities.

The snow stopped, and wouldn’t return until late February. Professional athletes and snow lovers alike began to flock to other locations. Luckily, Tahoe has no shortage of good backcountry partners and I was fortunate to connect with Drew Petersen (featured on the cover) and Brennen Lagasse. Together we create the most memorable days of our season.

We would be rewarded again in April with another perfect storm. It was Drew’s first season as a Tahoe resident. Skiing through these storms with locals reaffirmed his decision to relocate to Truckee.

We were the holdouts, committed, in Tahoe and ready to strike despite the challenges of a feast or famine season. We scored days we will always remember and a Backcountry Magazine cover to memorialize it. We also didn’t hear much about others getting deeper or better days throughout North America. A good reminder there is no place like Tahoe, enjoy the process with good company, the rest will come. Enjoy the ride!