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In my 10 years of working in the customer service industry at Northstar, I can visualize the sight of thousands of families enduring the endless struggle to find a relaxing ski vacation. Countless families, wasting precious moments, wrestling with parking, ticket windows, equipment rentals, lift lines, crowded runs, cold children and crowded lodges. And before they knew it, their vacation was over, leaving only more stress and a void where lifetime experiences and memories should have been.

Now, picture a scenario where you could fly into the Truckee airport, have an Outfitter in a Jeep waiting to take you to your slope side property. As you walk in, a chef is already preparing your dinner, your fridge is stocked, and all of your tickets and equipment are waiting for you to use in the morning when you ski out of your door. No lines, no stress, only fun and relaxation to be had…

The desire for this level of convenience is what sets Mountainside at Northstar apart from the pack. The Mountainside team has redefined the concept of luxury. Once a word to describe extravagance, Mountainside has changed the essence of luxury to be synonymous with the experience, the adventure and the convenience of on-mountain living.

Evidence of the shift in consumer demand to be slope side has come to fruition in the 2015-16 season at an alarming pace. Ski in/ski out properties at Mountainside are flying off the shelves as 6 properties over $1 million have sold, with 3 properties pending in the $1 million to $3.2 million range since February of 2015.

And with a broad spectrum of ski in/ski out options and amenities under the Mountainside umbrella, they are guaranteed to have something that is perfect for you and your family. For more information about what’s going on at Mountainside, contact us today to find your perfect on mountain home.