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During the winter months there’s an overlooked mountain tradition that I’d say is equally deserving of an overflowing hot cocoa.  Sledding my friends, it’s entry level, anyone can do it – and it’s the perfect way for the entire family to submerge themselves in the snow.  My family loves sledding, especially now that we can walk to a sled hill in our neighborhood.  We take  our relatives from LA sledding during the holidays, and the look on their faces after sailing down is pure joy.

Now if you like, I can get technical.  There’s your saucer sled – if you don’t mind careening to your death backwards this may be for you.  The toboggan – you’ll know this one by it’s wooden shell and iron rails; please hang this on the wall as decor in your mountain home, it’s really not a good idea to shove your kids down the hill on these splintering, rusting beasts.  The elongated slider sled is the way to go – you can fit multiple people on it, and for the most part you remain in control.  This is what I sent my LA family down the hill in; with helmets of course!

If the rush isn’t enough, the next best thing about sledding is it’s proximity. You can find just about any hill or berm with snow to start your adventure. Snow tubing is gaining popularity and most major ski resorts have incorporated this childhood memory to their quiver of activities. Some of my personal favorites include Boreal Mountain Playground, Tubing at Squaw, and Northstar California. Be sure to check the resorts individual website for hours, pricing and concessions.