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Moon Dunes Beach on Lake Tahoe – The Best for Families!

There are so many amazing things to do in Tahoe in the summer I really can’t say that I have a favorite. But there are 2 things that we have consistently done as a family this summer that I have really enjoyed. We have 2 young kids so our activities are geared towards keeping them happy.

The first is going to Moon Dunes beach. We pack up the car about once a week and head there for a half day. Umbrellas, sand toys, a big beach blanket and some snacks are all we need. Moon Dunes is great because it is a soft sandy beach and the water is very shallow for a long way out into the lake. Think knee deep on a 2 year old for about a distance of 50 feet into the water. Sandy bottom. It’s perfect for kids. And the scenery is gorgeous. My little guy is just 8 months old and playing in the sand (or eating the sand) is quite entertaining. We also bring our paddle board and take turns going out. Our 2 year old has just decided she wants to come on the paddle board with us so it is fun to watch her get more courageous and enjoy the lake. She loves the beach.

The second is the pool at Old Greenwood. A couple afternoons a week we go there as a family and it really is such a fun place for kids. The pool is awesome (sloped/beach entry for babies and little ones), a water slide, a toddler pool with jungle gym/slide, and it is a saline pool so it feels much better on everyone’s skin. When the pool gets old (which it never does) there is a huge play structure and grassy lawn. We really like that we can take the kids there, enjoy the afternoon, order some food, have a beer and just hang out together for a few hours. Most importantly-its easy, which not many things are with little ones. A couple days ago my 2 year old decided that she wanted to go on the water slide. I will never forget her face going down and how proud she was that she did it afterwards.

These are the places where memories are made and we already have so many just from this summer that I will never forget.