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Having a specific plot of land or desired function of a project often dictates much of that project’s design ideas. For example, often one must build with the land – i.e. rely on the lot to determine how the structure will be laid out. Today’s modern architecture trends toward design that is one with the land and not simply plopped down on top of it.

The fundamentals of today’s modern architecture are focused on clean and simple aesthetics which break away from traditional or cookie-cutter design. Modern architecture strives to embody a home design inspired by layout, location, and function. The ever-present philosophy of modern architecture adheres to the ideal that form follows function. Therefore, modern architects express themselves through simplicity, clear views of structural elements and by abstaining from unnecessary design details. Additionally, modern architecture is typically free of clutter and unnecessary elements and boasts the actual structure and materials used in the building vs. covering them up with ornate designs. That is why most modern designs feature elements of wood, steel and glass, in order to show-off these industrial structural materials.

Today, the goals of the finished project are clarified at the start, and only the features that are required are included in the design. Residential homes are often stripped down to showcase the architectural design of the home with the focus on the space itself, rather than on any decor or details not relevant to the overall design. Homeowners following a modern aesthetic believe strongly in the idea of Less is More! Modern tastes enjoy simplicity and clarity. Homes are designed to be clean, functional, and simple. There are varying degrees of Modernism – some will opt for the strict design sense of true Minimalism, while others prefer to incorporate the minimalist aesthetics of Modernism in conjunction with their own personal style. Lastly, choosing your own design elements in the way of colors, textures, and interesting furnishings will help create your own unique modern style.

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