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For the last 12 years I have driven past this iconic spot on Brockway Summit with the intention of one day photographing it. “Maybe I’ll go tomorrow,” I always said to myself as I sped past; until this morning when I committed to being late to work in order to stop and smell the roses for a few minutes.

Being from New England, I always took our foliage season for granted until I moved to Tahoe – where Ponderosa Pines dominate the hillsides, and raking leaves is more of a suggestion than a necessity. Growing up in Maine, raking leaves in our yard was basically a sport, and required all hands on deck. Tarps, broken rakes, blisters, coupled with many hours of diving football catches into piles in our front yard once our parents went inside filled most of our weekends for the season. So, for nostalgic reasons – I pulled my car over today.

Here and there, you can spot little enclaves of Aspens that pop incredibly against the overwhelming green background and blue skies. This specific spot is a little abandoned shack just south of Northstar, CA on highway 267 where you will see hundreds of people painting or photographing each year. This morning, I had it all to myself and decided to take advantage. With the incoming cold front and wind pushing down from the north, the leaves are starting to fall more rapidly, I encourage you to get up here soon and experience this beautiful gem for yourself.

And while I am confident that you have received the message loud and clear that fall in Tahoe is also a great time to purchase property, I can’t help but continue to update you with some amazing price reductions and values that are happening in the market as of late.

With the seasons finally changing over, sellers are giving one last try as winter is just around the corner, before they either hunker down to try selling again in the spring, rent the property for the winter or pull the listing off the market to relist at the beginning of the winter season.

Here are my Top 10 Properties that have recently reduced price, and/or are amazing value plays here in the Truckee/Tahoe market…

#10. 14379 SkiSlope Way – $1,197,500- $30,000 Reduction

#9. 245 George Giffen – $1,399,000- $51,000 Reduction

#8. 11122 China Camp Road – $1,199,000- $176,000 Reduction

#7. 12361 Garwood Dean – $1,625,000- $70,000 Reduction

#6. 503 Lars Haugen – $2,645,000- $150,000 Reduction

#5. 14219 Mountainside Place – $3,475,000- $200,000 Reduction

#4. The Fairway Townhomes #8- $899,000- $60,000 Reduction

#3. 19145 Glades Place – $5,400,000- $2,595,000 Reduction

#2. 19040 Glades Place – $6,900,000- $800,000 Reduction

#1. 2538 North Summit Place – $4,250,000- $250,000 Reduction

NOW is a perfect time to live out your dream of owning property in Tahoe. Please contact me if you’d like to schedule a tour or receive more information about a specific property today! I look forward to seeing you in the lift lines soon!