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Happy Thanksgiving to all. While trite to use the holiday as an excuse to share appreciation, I am compelled by many things to express my appreciation for Tahoe Mountain Realty and, moreover, the people who make it a very special organization.

Our goal in creating TMR was to make organization unlike those typical to the industry. We sought out professionals who took different paths to arrive in this place all of whom bring unique talents and experiences to the table. The result is a collage of incredible individuals that make for a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Our marketing department has striven to stand above the crowd through innovative programs that showcase our lifestyle and properties in totally unique light. They’ve maintained a brand standard with complete integrity and delivered unprecedented efficiencies to our team. Moreover, they’ve completed these tasks with grace and respect.

Our transaction department has added a new level of professionalism and support that enables the team to better support the community. In a role that requires diligence, this team has delivered without fail.

And our agents, the forward face of the organization and, in many cases, the community, have continued to mature in all aspects of the practice. Regardless of tenure, these quality professionals have sought to deliver an elevated level of service. They’ve cultivated meaningful content, shared thoughtful analysis and invested time in creating authentic relationships that transcend any given transaction.

While the road is often rugged and laden with missteps, the effort of this group is beyond reproach. It is my great privilege to call these people my partners.

Best regards,
Jeff Brown