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There are a million reason to love Tahoe. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the area knows that it’s a special place. The picturesque landscape and access to world renown outdoor activities make it an ideal community for anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

Although we live in a small mountain town that is isolated from urban centers, life here has quickly changed with the rest of the world. In order to combat the virus, the ski resorts shut down, schools and businesses closed and everyone was asked to stay inside. Life has temporarily been put on pause. During this time I’ve been asking myself, what am I most excited for as our community heals and things return to normal? What do I miss?

“I want to see Truckee buzzing like it should, full of life and promise.”

Although it would be really nice to take some sunny laps at Northstar, what I am looking forward to the most is actually quite simple. I want to drive through downtown Truckee, park my truck, and get a coffee. While that might seem like a routine activity, it always solidifies why I love this place so much. When I drive downtown, not only do I get a quiet moment to stare at the mountains that I have played in for the past 15 years, I get a snapshot of every type of person that makes our community so rich. I want to go into a coffee shop and quietly observe the positive energy that makes Tahoe so special.

I want to see people passing through in their sprinter vans on the way to an adventure. I want to see people who would love to own a sprinter van but are making the most of their 95’ Subaru. I want to see long time locals having conversations with their new neighbors who escaped city life to enjoy the mountains. I want to overhear stories about deep powder and long days on a bike. I want to see restaurant and business owners smiling after a busy weekend. I want to see artists and entrepreneurs sharing a laugh. I want to see people who love where they live. I want to see Truckee buzzing like it should, full of life and promise.

The road ahead will likely have speed bumps but our community is strong and I know we will rebound with grace. The quiet time alone has made me realize just how special this place is and for that, I am thankful.