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Have you heard about the mysterious creature that is said to roam the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe?  Could you be lucky enough to catch a glimpse next time you visit Big Blue?

The legend of Tahoe Tessie dates back to the mid-19th century as tales were told by members of the Washoe and Paiute Tribes.  These days Tahoe Tessie is known as anything from a black serpent-like creature to a friendly green reptile.  Sightings have been described as, “It was about as big around as a telephone pole and maybe 30′-60′ in length,” and, “What looked like a green kayak that had flipped and sank below the surface,” and, “A very tall object with a long face and long neck reaching above the water, like a very big python, with two humps behind it.”

Tahoe Tessie is said to live in an underwater lair beneath Cave Rock located on Tahoe’s East Shore.  With Lake Tahoe being 1,645 feet deep, the second deepest lake in the country, there is plenty of room for Tessie to hide, live, play, and creep without being seen.  As the years go on, so does the story.  So, keep your eyes open and see if you can spot the big green reptile who calls Tahoe home.

For the young or the young at heart, check out The Story of Tahoe Tessie: The Original Lake Tahoe Monster. Click here to buy your own copy and join in the fun, mystery, and excitement of Tahoe’s oldest folklore!