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Lake Tahoe Historic Homes Tour

In addition to enjoying Tahoe’s the plethora of Lake Tahoe’s recreational opportunities, there are also many ways to learn about different facets of Tahoe’s fascinating history. One of these opportunities for a glimpse into the past is through the Historic House Tours on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. The homes include the historic Hellman-Ehrman Estate, located at Sugar Pine Point State Park, and the unique and notorious Vikingsholm castle, located in Emerald Bay State Park. I am not sure about you, but I sometime wonder what it was like to live in the Lake Tahoe area before modern conveniences that we take for granted such as plumbing, electricity, and snow removal. These landmarks and the incredibly interesting stories behind them are revealed to you by knowledgeable tour guides over the course of a 4-hour tour, occurring from 11am to 3pm. Tours are offered daily through September 30th. For more information or to confirm tour times, call 530.525.7232 or visit