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Thank you for making my little girl’s 4th birthday extra special on the ski mountain this past Friday. 

From the moment we were in the Big Springs chairlift line until our last run, the good people who work at Northstar made my daughter’s awesome day “over the top” special. Here are some examples from our ski day…

We went to pick up her season pass and the person who helped us noticed it was her birthday and made a big deal about it and gave her a little gift and a granola bar. 

Every time we got on a lift, the pass scanner would sing a little birthday jingle and the staff would collectively wish her a happy birthday. 

On our way up the Big Springs Gondola, a Northstar employee joined us for our ride up the mountain. She talked about skiing with my daughter the whole ride, and then at the end gave her a gift of Northstar chapstick, which she was thrilled about. 

We made our way over to the Big Easy where I had some anxiety about riding the big chairlift with a little girl because it is a new thing for us. Again, it turned out to be an awesome experience all around. We got our passes scanned, the birthday song played, and all of the Northstar employees working at the lift enthusiastically wished my daughter a happy birthday. She felt like she was the most important person on the planet, which made mom happy too. 

On top of that, the people working the chairlift made sure that she got on and off the lift safely, and were extremely aware and helpful when needed. Once again, I was happy mom. 

Next time we ride on the Big Easy chairlift, one of the people working there ran out to us to give my daughter a special treat (little marshmallows) to eat on the lift for her birthday. Another unexpected gift. Awesome. I couldn’t have scripted it better.

This genuinely kind treatment went on for the entire 3 hours that we spent on the mountain, and I was blown away. The ski conditions were great for us and I couldn’t believe how nice, thoughtful and positive everyone at Northstar was. 

Good job Vail and Northstar, you truly have set yourselves apart from everyone else in the resort industry.