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The first half of 2024 has delivered a complicated set of results for Tahoe Truckee real estate indicative of a market seeking identity. Following a year of stagnation in 2023 characterized by declining sales amidst resilient prices and constrained inventory, 2024 has brought about a notable increase in residential transactions, signaling a potential turn in market sentiment.

Thus far, 2024 has delivered 10% more residential sales year-over-year while average and median price are flanking the results of 2023. To date, median price, indicative of the majority of homes sales, has risen by 7% to $1,100,000; the highest number on record for this metric. Conversely, average price, which is typically pulled upward based upon premium sales many times greater than the median, has drifted downwardly by 4%.

The gap between average and median prices has narrowed to just 32%, the lowest since 2011. The tightening suggests a higher floor for entry-level home prices, where demand still far outpaces supply.  Conversely, the ceiling for high-end properties has lowered, as evidenced by fewer hyper-premium sales. While inventory has accumulated to levels higher than in recent years, sellers have not shown interest in cutting prices dramatically in the absence of distress or outside pressures to find liquidity.


Economic conditions, including interest rates, homeowners’ insurance, and inflation, have proven stubborn headwinds to a market that has shown signs of wanting to break out of its slump.

Moreover, the reduced number of hyper-premium sales points to a possible saturation or cooling off in the luxury segment. The prestige of ultra-high-end properties in Lake Tahoe and Martis Camp may have peaked, and the pool of buyers willing to spend on these homes might be smaller than in previous years. This shift has led to a more balanced market, where the influence of a few ultra-luxury sales is less pronounced.

Sales greater than $1,000,000 have constituted 54% of all year-to-date sales, equal to the highest amount ever yet transactions above $5,000,000 have dipped to the lowest proportion since 2020.


While still constrained by historical standards, the number of available listings is currently at the highest number in more than 4 years. This is 25% more than one year ago and nearly double the amount available in 2022.


Seasonal considerations indicate that market activity will accelerate over the next 3-4 months before tapering in Q4. Typically, the second half of any given year will deliver double the number of transactions as the first, projecting a year-end total around 1,200 residential sales. While this number would underperform historical average by 20% it would absorb most of this standing inventory and likely result in a second year of generally balanced pricing.

As we navigate through the complexities of the Tahoe Truckee real estate market, we remain committed to providing insightful analysis and strategic guidance. The evolving dynamics observed in 2024 underscore both challenges and opportunities for prospective buyers and sellers alike. We look forward to keeping you informed as market conditions continue to evolve.

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