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With so many spectacular and drastically different beaches surrounding Lake Tahoe it can be difficult to decide what beach to go to. As an expert beachgoer I am here to help you navigate this decision with ease and grace.

Meeks Bay

Located at the north end of Rubicon Bay in an area called the Gold Coast of Lake Tahoe, this beach is a beauty. I sometimes refer to Lake Tahoe as the Caribbean of the Mountains due to the the drastic color change in the water. With water ranging from deep cobalt to teal, turquoise, and crystal clear, it’s truly a feast for the eyes. Meeks Bay has easy parking and a beach shack with snacks, making it accessible for non-hikers and those with little ones in tow.



D.L. Bliss State Park

Although this campground can be difficult to book a reservation (it’s often sold out early in the camping season), it’s privacy and serenity make it unlike anywhere else on the big blue lake. Hike the Rubicon Trail from D.L. Bliss to Emerald Bay and tour Viking’s Holm, a historic stone mansion of Scandanavian architecture.


Hidden Beach

Here you’ll find a long crescent shaped sandy stretch that’s located just past the town of Incline Village. Parking can be difficult, but that’s one of the reasons it stays relatively quiet, especially in the early morning or late afternoon. The fluffy white sand and shallow water this beach a swimmers paradise.



Chimney Beach

Another East Shore treasure is found at Chimney Beach. Tucked behind a steep slope, the hike down requires good footwear, but is well worth the trek. This beach is located on a south-facing cove south-facing. A few large flat boulders make perfect picnic or sunning platforms. As with hidden beach, trails through the woods will lead to many peaceful and lonely bights in the shoreline.


Speedboat Beach

This one holds a special place in my heart. I got married on this beach early in June of 2013. It’s always been a favorite of mine for it’s east-shore qualities (white sand, rock formations, crystal clear turquoise water), but easily accessible just beyond King’s Beach in a neighborhood called Brockway Springs. There are also natural hot springs in this neighborhood but the exact location is a locals secret knowledge. If we happen to be touring in this neighborhood I may let you in on it.


Patton Landing Beach

More commonly known as the Waterman’s Landing beach, this is a paddlers haven with convenient SUP, kayak, and canoe rentals from the coffee shop and eatery. The beach is pup-friendly and mess-free since it’s not sand under your toes but smooth black stones. No souvenirs though – there is an urban legend that taking these lovely stones from rocky lakeside beaches will bring you bad luck (plus it’s illegal). There are picnic tables under the aspens providing some shade for those warmer days. Find this one next-door to Garwood’s and Sierra Boat Co.