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This time in history, while challenging, has done a good job of showcasing people’s ability to adapt. Parents have turned into teachers and morning meetings are just as effective in virtual formats. This virus has forced us to re-evaluate how we work, play, and manage our families. It’s also caused families to re-evaluate WHY we live, where we live.

This article by Andrew Cummings in the SFGate highlights the uptick in interest in the Tahoe region. With more companies realizing they can remain productive with employees working remotely, the appeal to move out of the city, where the challenges of the pandemic are far greater and closer to the scenery of Tahoe has never been greater. 

Low Supply. Demand on the Way. Pull the trigger sooner rather than later.

While interest in relocating to Tahoe is on the rise, supply remains near an all-time low. This, coupled with more detailed precautions for showing homes, has slowed down the process considerably. Currently, buyers may be waiting for a drop in value before taking the leap to buy property in our region, when in reality, there are many more buyers waiting in the wings alongside them. 

That in mind, more properties are expected to reach the market as we approach Memorial Day, but the demand will arrive with it, thereby keeping current values intact.

Perhaps better to start the process now with less competition, rather than later and having to bump shoulders with other buyers.