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Ice Skating at The Village at Northstar

Here’s a little something about me: I grew up as a competitive figure skater.  I loved the sport from the very first moment I knew of its existence. It’s the perfect combination of the beauty and grace of dancing with the acrobatic-like maneuvers of gymnastics. To watch someone effortlessly glide across the ice on a super-thin blade and then catapult themselves into the air to spin 3 full revolutions is a sight to behold…and it is a feat harder than you can imagine. Although I no longer compete and age has taken away a fair amount of my skill and courage, I still love to go out and feel my blades carve into the ice and glide. Even more, taking my niece’s (and hopefully my future children) out and teaching them to have fun on the ice and appreciate the sport as much as I do is such a wonderful thing.

I tell you this anecdote because one of the great benefits of having my office in Northstar is being able to utilize the incredibly well-maintained 9,000 square foot ice rink located right in the heart of the Village. All winter long (weather permitting) from 12pm to 9pm, you can enjoy this recreational amenity. The skating rink itself is free for all, so if you have your own skates like I do, have at it. If you need to rent skates, you can for just $10.  The cabanas and fire pits surrounding the ice rink provide refreshments and warmth making it an ideal family environment. It is a great way to end a day on the hill, or to just have a family evening of activity and fun.

For Tahoe Mountain Club members, every Sunday you can bring the whole family to the Alpine Club and pick up vouchers that get you complimentary skate rental (subject to availability). Then you can warm up with complimentary hot chocolate served at Alpine Club. For more information, call 530.550.3500.

So, bundle up with a warm coat, hat and gloves, and come out and ice skate this winter at The Village at Northstar!

Phone: 530.562.3689 | View Virtual Tour