Downtown Truckee’s Complimentary Cowork Space

Finding your work/life balance never had a better location.

Seeing the value and utility to those living in or visiting the Tahoe – Truckee region, Tahoe Mountain Realty (TMR) is pleased to be expanding the Tahoe Mountain Hub to its new location in Downtown Truckee in the historic Sassarini building (constructed circa 1895) in the Brickletown District of Historic Downtown Truckee.

Remote work, home offices and back-to-back online meetings have become a new standard for people all around the world. Still, many long for the shared space where they go about their work, interact with colleagues, and use real, physical whiteboards. On the other hand, others still learned that they thrive on the WFH lifestyle because they can travel or enjoy secondary homes more often. These people will want to switch it up, go to coffee shops or take meetings elsewhere while their kids are playing at the cabin or off adventuring.

TMR is creating a place just for this purpose, a centralized location in the heart of Truckee, a community club house of sorts. Where people can go from the comfort of working from home to the connection of working from a Historic home. They will be drawn to this location not only to co-work but to connect.

“From entry to exit, we want people to feel welcomed into this modern co-working space that accommodates the active Truckee lifestyle, with a little work on the side,” said Jasmine Watts, Tahoe Mountain Realty’s marketing director overseeing the project.

Rather than a traditional real estate office, the innovative real estate brokerage realized there are more functional uses for premium spaces. Identifying a need in the Tahoe-Truckee community, TMR converted their office space at Old Greenwood in 2018 to the Tahoe Mountain Hub. That co-working space offers communal and high-top tables, moveable furniture including couches and workstation tables, and complimentary WiFi. Open daily at no charge to the public and keeping the hours of the Old Greenwood golf course.

“The changing demographic of the Tahoe-Truckee region is allowing for ever greater flexibility for working hours and venues. This is enabling a new wave of families to spend greater amounts of time in the region. We hope to provide a workspace that facilitates more time in the mountains,” said Jeff Brown, owner and general manager of Tahoe Mountain Realty. “We believe the best use for these spaces is to make it available to those in our community who want a quiet place in a beautiful setting for a few hours before heading to Donner State Park or to their dinner reservation downtown.”

Open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm, and call 530-550-2000 to inquire about weekend availability. 

Tahoe Mountain Hub

Complimentary wifi, and first come first serve desk space. It’s the perfect setting to send out some emails or get a little work done before heading off to explore downtown.

Check Out the HUB at Old Greenwood