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How Katie Tyler Came to Tahoe

The first time I came to Lake Tahoe was several days after my husband and I got married. Our ceremony was at a ranch on the Colorado River outside of Moab, UT and we drove from there to Lake Tahoe and stayed at the cottages at the Hyatt right on the shores of Lake Tahoe before embarking on our honeymoon in Costa Rica. We were completely blown away by the beauty of the area and the Lake. Little did we know that we would end up moving to Tahoe just about a year later.

We were living in Breckenridge, CO at the time, and as Colorado natives, we never imagined we would leave the idyllic Rocky Mountain lifestyle. However, I was working with East/West Partners and IMI on a condo project in Breckenridge and my broker at the time asked if I would be interested in moving to Tahoe to embark on a new project called Siller Ranch (now Martis Camp). It sounded very interesting to be one of the first people on the ground on a project that seemed to have a lot of potential. After a short discussion, we agreed. We packed up our small collection of belongings, 2 dogs, and ventured out to California. We barely knew a soul, didn’t have a place to live, we just picked up and left.

Siller Ranch/Martis Camp was nothing at the time we moved, just dirt roads and dreams. It seemed like a risk, we didn’t know if people would have enough vision to invest in the community before the amenities were in place, and the project was going through some opposition. There were some small flag markers indicating where the golf course would go and we had to hike/4WD all over the property with crude maps, bear horns, and trail mix to figure out where all the lots and amenities were going to be. Fortunately, from living in CO, I had excellent off-road 4WD skills that really paid off in the early days of Martis Camp.

Fast forward to now-it turns out the community has been a success (to say the least), and I have enjoyed watching it grow and being part of its success first with Siller Ranch/Martis Camp and now with TMRRE.

Long story short, we came out to Tahoe on a promise of a great project, a great community, and mountain lifestyle only enhanced by being right near the Lake. And now we call Truckee home and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.