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How Jon Putnam Came to Tahoe

I knew I had to move here.

A long time ago, in 1976, the company that I was working for relocated to Reno.  I was invited to see the new facility and I pursued this opportunity. I arrived at the Reno Airport one evening well after dark, and consequently, I had no idea what the area looked like. My greeters brought me to a hotel and informed me to be up and ready to leave at 5:00am, because, “we have something to show you.” Obediently, I was ready at five the next morning and we started to drive along Mount Rose Highway. We snaked up a winding road as the light was beginning to break the sky.  As we came over the height of land, there before us was Lake Tahoe. Wow!! The view, the color, the expanse, all of this surrounded by mountains with snow on them, it was breathtaking.  I do remember thinking to myself, “I am going to move here.”  Two years after that drive, I did.

Currently, I am a happy convert to the Sierra life. The view of the lake coming in from Mount Rose Summit still takes my breath away, and the lifestyle of this area leaves little else to be desired.