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How Doug Flynn Came to Tahoe

Twenty something years ago I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of Central Florida. My four and a half years of fun were split between Florida State University and the University of Central Florida, in Orlando. I was fortunate enough to be an accomplished junior golfer and I received golf scholarship help at both FSU and UCF, so I assumed that after college I would play golf professionally. Unfortunately, however, there was a problem with that plan… I didn’t get any better at golf during college. In fact, I got worse. I’m not sure how that resulted as my outcome; it couldn’t have been all the distractions offered to a 20-year-old at college, could it? Nah! Needless to say, professional golf and a lucrative career on the PGA Tour were not in my future any longer.

So, with my degree in hand, I set my mind to getting a real job after college. Overcome with stress by the thought of it, I turned to one of my fellow recent college graduates and trusted mentor for advice. Also not knowing what he wanted to do professionally, my friend was planning to go to Colorado to ski. This sounded like a good idea to me, except for the fact that I had never skied before (I was born in New England, but my parents raised us in the beach town of Sarasota, Florida). I had another friend who lived and skied in the Lake Tahoe area, so, I told my buddy that we should go to Tahoe instead since it is always good to have a couch to land on after driving 3,000 miles. I had no idea that time that I would meet my future wife and the mother of my two awesome kids in Tahoe. I love Tahoe people, summers, winters, falls, and springs. I love living here and raising my kids here. I hope to always live here. 

Now the rest, as they say, is real estate history.