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Home Run Continues to Raise the Bar in Recreation

The question that I am most often asked about Home Run Residences is “What do owners do in the summer?” Activities and recreational interest are subjective from one person to another. However, the nature of Home Run living is that it presents limitless activities right out your back door…regardless of the season. Today, the developer announced a new recreational “park” exclusively to Home Run owners. Many hours of careful planning went into this design and will ensure a seamless relationship with the natural landscape. The developer did a fantastic job orienting the park so that it sits between Home Run ski trail and the private residences in phase 2. It’s easy to visualize how the park will become a hub for family and friends to gather, toss a Frisbee, play soccer, engage in badminton, or invite neighbors over for a picnic. The spring-summer enjoyment for this space is boundless. You will have to pardon me, but I simply cannot resist the over-the-top pun: Home Run really hit it out of the park this time!