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The History of Northstar Part X – 40 More Years with Northstar’s Master Plan

So, what’s in store for Northstar California ski resort? Investing $30 Million in improvements at Northstar was a great start for Vail Resorts, however, they are not even close to finished with what they ultimately have in mind. Vail Resorts has released a Master Plan of Improvements proposed for Northstar over the next 10-15 years. Among the improvements planned are:


• Lift access to the advanced terrain and gladed back country terrain located on Sawtooth Ridge, which will help diversify and balance the terrain choices available to resort guests;
• Approximately 300 acres of new ski trails accessed by seven new lifts. New terrain will offer increased diversity through proposed traditional and tree island trails as well as gladed tree skiing, and will be located on the eastern and western slopes of Mt. Pluto, the northeastern slopes of Sawtooth Ridge, and Lookout Mountain;
• Improved quality of snow surface conditions through additional snowmaking coverage, further enhancing the resort’s snowmaking system with new and improved technological and energy efficiencies;
• On-mountain skier service site improvements to provide additional seating, restrooms and enhanced food service;
• Improved skier circulation within existing terrain through trail widening, skier bridges and existing lift upgrades.

The information above was taken from the website. Click here for more information and a map showing the Master Plan.

The history of Northstar has been rich indeed, and there are many more interesting anecdotes that we can and will continue to share with you moving forward. We have learned a lot, and knowing this history gives us that much more of a reason to celebrate and appreciate Northstar’s 40th Anniversary. With the amazing future planned for the resort and its real estate development, Tahoe Mountain Resorts Real Estate looks forward to celebrating 40 more years!