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One of the many things we’re excited about when we successfully protect Truckee Springs and open it to the public is the continuation of the Truckee River Legacy Trail – the planned backbone of Truckee’s trail system that will eventually stretch all the way from Glenshire in the east to Donner Lake in the west along the river.

Until then, however, you can get a sneak peek by walking, running, or riding the existing stretch of the paved trail between Glenshire and Truckee River Regional Park, just east of Truckee Springs and downtown.

You can start either at Truckee River Regional Park at one end or at the trailhead on the western end of Glenshire on the other – or enter it mid-way in from a few spots including the Truckee Riverview Sports Park. From the western end, the trail quickly winds down to the south side of the river from Truckee River Regional Park.

For the next few miles, the trail trends downhill alongside the river, alternating between pine forests and open sage and meadow lands. Keep an eye out for anglers trying their luck in the river, as well as wildlife including bald eagles and ospreys doing the same.

Numerous clever benches that let you tip the back from one side to the other for alternating views of the river and the mountains are a great place to take a break and enjoy the scenery. While there are some places to get to the water’s edge along the way, please respect signage for closed areas where habitat restoration is underway.

As you near the end, you’ll cross Martis Creek and come to the remnants of one of Truckee’s historic ice dams, where water was pooled to collect ice in the winter to help refrigerate produce being shipped on the transcontinental railroad from the central valley to the rest of the country more than 100 years ago.

The trail then climbs a few switchbacks through a boulder field on its way up to Glenshire, with views opening up of the river below, Martis Valley beyond, and the Sierra Crest in the distance. Keen eyes will be able to pick out peaks along the crest all the way from Olympic Valley in the south to Frog Lake Cliff and Red Mountain in the north.

The trail has a great back story as well – advocated for and created by local residents who wanted to create a stronger connection with the river. That group – the Our Truckee River Legacy Foundation – has committed the remainder of their funds to Truckee Springs. Currently, the Town of Truckee, also a critical partner in Truckee Springs, maintains the Truckee River Legacy Trail. Read more about that story here.

Post courtesy of: Truckee Donner Land Trust