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In a study done by the National Association of Realtors, 81 percent of Realtors® said staging helps buyers visualize the property as a further home, while 46 percent said it makes prospective buyers more willing to walk through a home they saw online.  It is important to get the buyers in the home to experience it in person, and equally important the the first impression is positive.

As a listing agent, I am often asked what the homeowner can do to get their house or condo ready to be on the market.

There are some things that are a “must” and don’t cost anything at all.  Start by cleaning.  Make sure every nook and cranny is sparkling.  Potential buyers can be turned off quickly by the look of an un-kept house or welcomed by a clean fresh environment, this includes smells.  Next step, that only takes time, not money, is to clear the clutter and remove personal items.  Having less personal photos and excess nick-nacks or excess furniture will make the space feel bigger and allow the buyer to see how they would feel living there.  Storage is also a big selling point for buyers.  If you can organize closets and storage space for a clean show this will help your showing value.



If you want top dollar for your home, putting some money in up front can pay off big when an offer is made.  I would recommend 3 areas where your money will be best spent.  First is paint.  Painting will increase the desirability and show a clean, crisp look.  Make sure to pick neutral colors so buyers can see the space, not just the color of the walls.  Second is repairs.  If the door handle doesn’t work or if the fridge is making noise the buyer could be turned off early.  Eliminate cause for concern about the condition of the home and take care of small, easy repairs.  Third is pop!  Add bright pillows, bath towels, flowers or artwork on the wall.  This will draw some attention and give the space a fresh look.

Finally, on the day of the showing, make sure to open the windows and turn on the lights.  This will make all your hard work shine.


As your listing agent, I am here to help you with each step of this process.  If this is your second home and you are not in the area, my team and I will make sure that every showing for a potential buyer has all these elements in place.

Katie Tyler