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It has been a busy holiday week in Tahoe, the area has been buzzing with visitors. I’ve had to remind myself every day this week that it’s February. I’ve seen hikers, bikers, and paddle boarders everywhere, people are loving the spring-like weather. I’ve spoken with families who have enjoyed spending few hours of the day on the slopes and then biking in the afternoon. Although I’d love to see some real snow, I’m happy that the warmer weather is creating opportunities for families to play outdoors in a variety of ways.

This week has reminded me of the real reason why most of us own (or dream of owning) a home in Tahoe.  It’s not just about skiing. It’s all about getting out and playing while spending quality time with our families. Recently I saw two web posts that reminded me how our kids experience Tahoe. We, as adults, tend to get stuck in our own minds which become fixed on how things “should” be, while we forget about the reality of how things ARE for our kids. If you have kids, I hope that you’ll watch this video and read the following article. It’s clear that most kids don’t lament that we’re having an “off” winter this year in Tahoe.

Northstar at Night – a fun, behind-the-scenes look at the magic that goes on after-hours at Northstar Resort.

This blog post tells the story of how to ski Northstar from a kid’s perspective.