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Monday, February 12th

5:30pm – 7:00pm

Come Join us for a comprehensive First-Time Home Buyer Seminar, where you will gain valuable insights from a seasoned Mortgage Broker and a trusted Realtor. The session is designed to empower and educate first-time home buyers with the steps that will enable them to make confident decisions while purchasing their homes. We will discuss multiple topics that will come up throughout the home-buying process followed by a Q and A. Whether you are ready to buy now or looking to set yourself up down the road come and have all your real estate questions answered.

Topics Chris will cover include:

  • Where to start
  • Ways to find the right realtor for you and ways they can set you up for success
  • Intricacies of the market
  • What to expect when writing an offer
  • What are contingencies
  • What to expect during the escrow process
  • And more…

Topics Ephraim will Discuss:

  • Mortgage planning is financial planning – fine-tuning a mortgage structure to meet your cash flow, investment, tax deductibility, and equity priorities. Product nuances of 30yr vs. 15 yr amortizations, ARM’s, etc.
  • Conforming vs. jumbo vs FHA, USDA
  • Minimum down payments, down payment assistance programs, and the best allocation of capital
  • Understanding contingencies & how to safely write the strongest offer possible
  • Debunking the myths of how Fed Rates Hikes impact mortgage rates, and what will determine mortgage rates in the near future
  • Credit scoring tips
  • Tax deductibility benefits
  • How points work
  • Seller credits for a rate reduction, 3/2/1 & 2/1 buydowns
  • And more…

Christopher Botto

Ephraim Schwartz

NMLS# 305985  |  415.297.8514