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The other day I was up at Martis 25 with a Bay Area family. They, of course, were blown away by the views and beauty of this special community. However, it wasn’t until we sat on the deck on the skiway that they realized another major benefit to owning in Martis 25. In addition to being shocked that the homesites really do sit right on the skiways of Northstar, they were struck by the peacefulness of this mountainside community. We had spent the day touring other Tahoe communities and it was Martis 25 that reminded them why they are buying in Tahoe…to get away from the noise and chaos of their daily lives. Martis 25 is the embodiment of Mountainside living without the noise inherent to larger communities. We sat on the deck in silence for several minutes. They were happy and relaxed. This deck is just one of the many ways to experience Martis 25. Call me and we’ll take a drive, a hike, or just sit on this deck and take it in.