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The Quintessential Tahoe scene and one of the most breathtaking I have experienced in a long time. On my drive to South Lake Tahoe last week, this captivating view of Emerald Bay literally stopped me in my tracks! I pulled my truck across the opposite lane barely avoiding oncoming traffic to grab the perfect vantage point for taking in this incredible sight.


The main body of the lake was enveloped in a dense fog, hiding it from onlookers above so the distant mountains seemed as if they were rising from the clouds.  The fog stopped at the gate to Emerald Bay where two tour boats assuredly gave their passengers the most unique Lake Tahoe experience imaginable, creeping through the fog across the lake only to emerge in the heart of a sun drenched Emerald Bay. I felt lucky to be in the right place at the right time to marvel at yet another spectacular vista offered up by the Tahoe Basin.