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As I remove my flip flops in the course granite sand of D.L Bliss State Park I ponder how cold the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe will be. Vibrant morning sun awakens the west shore of the lake, its campers, hikers, beach goers and kayak groupies.

One toe in the gently splashing shoreline and a huge “ahhh” as I wade in up to my knees feeling the tingle of the snow fed waters. A quick few steps back to the shoreline, towel off my feet, pull on hiking socks and boots and I am set to take off for Emerald Bay along the west shore trail.

Clearly one of the most beautiful panoramic 4 mile trails in the west, I skirt along the shoreline towards A National Natural Landmark; Emerald Bay, Eagle Falls and the legendary Vikingsholm have fascinated me since my childhood visits to the mountains. The trail, the bay and the hike back overload my soul with serenity. This moment is what I can’t wait to experience again.