The ascension of Northstar as a luxury brand has been driven in no small part by the introduction of elite-tier operators led by The Ritz-Carlton. In addition to adding an element of prestige to the resort, The Ritz-Carlton has broadened the appeal of Northstar and Lake Tahoe generally by expanding the region’s draw beyond the typical Northern California feeder market.

Having The Ritz-Carlton branded real estate has proven to be a similar anchor to Mountainside at Northstar. With 22 of 23 residences within The Ritz-Carlton now sold, it is evident that the global brand is a major driver of value and prestige. With prices averaging over $1,000 per square foot, The Residences saw price tags as high as $4,500,000.

Similarly, Constellation offers many of the same amenities including slopeside access to Northstar from an adjacent building.

With inventory tight between these two options, prices should continue their perch atop the Northstar market while other Mountainside properties provide compelling opportunities in other property types including townhouse and single-family options. The combination of The Ritz-Carlton and Tree House offer exceptional options for recreation when not exploring the region’s vast natural resources.


Constellation Residence 4205
3 bed | 3.5 bath | 1,877 sq.ft.

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