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Discovery Series Re-Cap: Stacey Cook

Although studies say public speaking is among people’s top fears, US Ski Team member and 3-time Olympian, and Truckee native, Stacey Cook got over those fears a long time ago.  If you are used to skiing 60-80mph down a sheet of ice hoping to beat your competitors by milliseconds, then sitting in front of a group to talk about life experiences must seem like cruising a freshly groomed bunny slope.

As our 5th guest speaker of this summer’s “Discovery Series” held at Mountainside’s Tree House, Stacey absolutely astonished the guests last Saturday at the Tree House.  With no notes, no props, and no limits, Stacey started from the beginning and gave the crowd a rare glimpse into the good, bad and the ugly of being an Elite Olympic Athlete.  As Stacey humbly picked apart different aspects of the sport of Downhill Ski Racing there was a common theme, work hard and never give up.

As a 3-time Olympian who got her start on the Northstar Race Team, Stacey has experienced her ups and downs.  She put the room in tears as she described her Olympic crashes and the feeling of failure and disappointment after working so incredibly hard to make the Olympic team.  She discussed sponsorship and the violate payment structure directly related to results.  Stacey talked us through the technology changes in the equipment and training.  As one of the strongest ladies on the ski circuit Stacey contributes brute strength to most of her success and her ability to continue to compete at the highest level into her 30’s.  Stacey’s passion and modesty blanketed everyone in attendance with a positive and inspiring sensation- which happens to be exactly what the Discovery Series was designed to do.

The Discovery Series will prove to be the place to be once again next Saturday, from 4pm-6pm, as guest speaker Katy Jones from the Truckee Winery presents her topic themed, “Wine in the High Sierra.”  Following Katy’s presentation, we will move back to the topic of Skiing, on August 30th, when Christian Denis of Elite Feet will be presenting “The Latest Ski Technology” for our last Discovery Series of this summer.  Click here for more information.