The Discovery of Lake Tahoe Beaches

By May 25, 2014No Comments

The most amazing thing that my family and I have seen and experienced in our short time since moving to Truckee was the discovery of some of the most beautiful beaches along the shores of Lake Tahoe.  On a sunny Saturday, what began as a short excursion to South Lake Tahoe to purchase a new camping stove turned into an all-day adventure to a few of Lake Tahoe’s finest strips of sand.  

Out of pure curiosity we parked the car along the shoulder of Highway 28 (there were several other cars there, so we wanted to see what was going on), and proceeded on a steep, but short, hike toward the lake.  Having no idea what was at the end of the trail we continued downward filled with anticipation.  As we came closer to the water we realized that we had stumbled onto several pristine beaches with Caribbean blue water and amazing rock outcroppings!  Incredibly, the beaches were nearly deserted, so we had the whole place almost to ourselves. The dog swam, the kids explored, and my wife and I were able to truly understand the draw that people have to this very special place!

For more information on beaches in Tahoe, check out this interactive map.