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For a truly unique dinner experience, Dinner in the Barn is worth the trip out to Sierraville. For over 12 years, Gary Ramano of Sierra Valley Farms has been hosting farm-to-table dinners on location at his farm. Four nights each summer, some of the area’s most popular chefs take their skills out to the source and join the farm in hosting this unforgettable experience.

On July 18, I was lucky enough to be a guest at Gary’s farm and was treated to food made by Chef Tommy Linnett from Campo – Reno.

The drive out to the farm was beautiful with miles of open range as far as I could see. We pulled up to Sierra Valley Farms where a historic old barn built in 1936 is the centerpiece. We found a glass of wine, shook hands with Gary (the owner) and mingled with friends and also met some new people. Live music enhanced the ambiance in and out of the barn. We were even joined by three owls who were nestled on the rafters at the top of the barn.

While we were waiting for dinner it started to pour rain. We all took cover in the barn and enjoyed the stories Gary told us about the long history of the farm and his family.

When it was time for dinner, everyone sat down together family style at one huge table set for 65. The views out to the fields and the Sierra Valley were breathtaking. First course was a cold peach soup with goat cheese and cucumbers. Delicious! Then we took a break as the chefs came in to tell us about how they went out on the farm with Gary hours earlier and picked most of the ingredients for our dinner and what we had to look forward to for the next 3 courses. Kale salad with cornbread, fresh picked squash succotash, potatoes, chicken, halibut, bread and a sinful desert with fresh peach and a crunchy cookie for garnish.

We didn’t want the night to end but finally made our way out of the barn in time to appreciate an amazing sunset. Overall, it was a magical experience.

The next “Dinner in the Barn” is on Saturday, August 8th featuring a beloved local chef, Billy McCullough, former chef/owner of Dragonfly Restaurant in Truckee.

McCullough’s unique flair is sure to make for another enchanting evening.

Cost – $125 per plate
Evening begins at 4:30 pm


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