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If you are considering a major remodel or new home, you may be wondering “What am I getting myself into? Why hire an architect? Where should I start??!”.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients navigate the custom home design and construction process. Along the way, we’ve compiled some helpful tips and time-tested advice in a two-part handbook titled ‘Getting Started: An Informal Insider’s Guide to the Design and Construction Process’. If you’d like a copy of Part 1, just complete the form attached here.

Topics include:

  • Getting your project started

  • Putting together a team

  • Making the most of working with an architect

  • An overview of the phases of design

  • How to think about the total project cost

  • Designing a home at a distance

  • Tools to help visualize design better

  • How good design can make a difference every day

  • A little bit about us

This post was written by JOHN DEFOREST of Deforest Architects