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Construction Update for Last Home Run Residences

Come early October and there is no sign of construction slowing down on the last Home Run residences. On any given day, you can count as many as 35 framers on-site. That means that unless Mother Nature shakes things up or some other unforeseen occurrence takes place, phase II will deliver a finished product right on schedule. Some of the progress brought forth by the framers can be found in the photos attached.


A peak at the construction timeline for October:

Residences – 1, 2, 11, and 12

• Vertical Framing is Completed
• Roof Trusses Completed by mid-October
• Roof Sheathing Completed by late-October
• Rough in Bylin System by late-October
• Pour Patios by mid-October
• Install Flashing by mid-October
• Install Windows by late-October
• Start Exterior Stone by late-October
• Start Radiant Tubing by mid-October

Residences 13-16 will follow closely behind this schedule.