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Construction Update – 585 Stewart McKay

The construction at 585 Stewart McKay is progressing steadily and this Lahontan home is sure to be a beautiful retreat ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. This week I took a trip to visit the project site, and I would like to highlight a few of the details that I enjoyed most. 

The exterior of Stewart McKay looks great as the landscaping and patio details are now taking shape. The hand-made chimney cap is almost finished, and the trim detail on the chimney and around the front door both look fantastic. There is a sense of urgency to complete all exterior details now, as winter may fall upon us at any time (I saw snow in the forecast for November 2nd).

On the interior of the home, the reclaimed horse corral wood ceilings are going in and the support beams are being wrapped with detailed wood. It takes two contractors two days of working together to wrap each beam. The craftsmanship on this home is off the charts.

The native granite fireplace in the great room is simply gorgeous,

The accent wall in the upstairs media room is a unique touch,

This week during my visit, the Gorgone shower tiles were being installed in the junior master suite. Next week, more bathroom finishes will be installed- I am looking forward to seeing the master bathroom bathtub which will be surrounded by a reclaimed wood accent wall. 

For more details on 585 Stewart McKay, click here or contact me directly,

Doug Flynn