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The 44th Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance is staged at the historic Obexer’s Boat Company in Homewood on Lake Tahoe’s beautiful West Shore.  This year the 80th anniversary of Chris Craft Racing Runabouts will be celebrated.  These boats have a rich history that pre-dates Wold War II with timeless style and eye catching design.  Said to be the most prestigious wooden boat show in North America, every boat in the show is immaculately restored to meet the highest level of authenticity and original standards as they appeared when they were shipped from the factory.  The boats and boat enthusiasts will travel from around the world to share their passion for wooden boats.


The weekend starts off with the Opening Night Gala.  The event takes place at the Tahoe Maritime Museum with wine, excellent cuisine, music and art.  Other social events that surround the Concours are the Men’s Grill and Ladies’ Luncheon that includes a fashion show.  These are classic events that have become tradition for many who attend each year.

The Concours d’Elegance is a timeless event that merges the history of Lake Tahoe with the finest setting and entertainment that Tahoe has to offer today.


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Katie Tyler