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Since moving to Truckee 10 years ago, our family has enjoyed many welcome changes including the addition of 2 beautiful children who now get to experience a unique lifestyle in the mountains, where exploration and adventure are an everyday occurrence. With children also comes this new vigor as we enter the holiday season almost as if you are seeing holidays through a new lens. We went from shopping Christmas trees on a street corner in San Francisco to snowshoeing through Tahoe’s National Forest in search for our own tree, tree permits in-hand, of course!

For the past few years, we’ve enjoyed a new tradition of Christmas tree hunting. Our friends have an annual tree party on their 40-acre estate. They invite friends and family to gather at their home for drinks, potluck dishes and a warm fire. Then, we head out into the woods to find the perfect Christmas tree. The hosts take family photos and make sure everyone has a great time. It’s a day filled with good friends, adventure and tradition.

Growing up on the east coast, I have memories of buying full-bodied trees from nearby tree farms and when the new year began, gathering them with up with friends for a huge bonfire. Now, that we live in Truckee, the tree expectation is quite different. Trees in the wild are quite sparse. Yet these skinny trees or Charlie Brown Trees as we call them, are so full of character and life, With each one comes a story and a journey as unique as we are. Now we collect a slice of the trunk of every tree and note the date, comparing each size year to year and retelling the story of our hunt.

Wishing you and your loved ones the very best this holiday season!

With much gratitude,