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Lake Tahoe has always been known as a vacation destination for families and friends to gather in large numbers. As with any destination, people often look for places that can accommodate multiple and extended families and lots of friends. To pack a home to its capacity – that’s often where the fun lies, but, not necessarily…

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a downsizing effect in some of the newer communities in the Tahoe-Truckee region. People are looking for a smaller footprint, a more modest size of home, and in some cases, single story or ranch style architecture. These buyers are often younger families and older generations looking to retire. Why? My guess is the more obvious – A bigger home means a bigger price tag. Families are trending towards more experience-based enjoyment, therefore saving their dollars for the actual adventure on the vacation rather than the asset of a home. Many families want the freedom to travel and don’t want to feel tied down to a single spot, so, having a smaller investment is a better fit. Another reason, perhaps, is that bigger places mean bigger hassles. Cleaning, maintenance and overall expenses can add up with a larger space. More square footage means costs more to manage.

Recent examples of this downsizing trend include a 2,066 square foot new construction home in Gray’s Crossing. The owners are a young couple and this home is the perfect fit for their lifestyle and budget. Another couple down the road recently closed on their land purchase and intend to embark on a similar sized build. Moving over to Martis Camp where the community exudes a larger than life persona, there are pockets of smaller cabin sized homes maxing out at 3,450 square feet which are being gobbled up by the marketplace. Lastly, we’ve seen families building even smaller homes for the idea that someday they can expand the footprint as their needs grow. So far, these smaller starters have been the perfect fit for these families. A most recent sale in Martis Camp was a 2,873 square foot home on Wellscroft Court. It still packs in 4 bedrooms and sits on 2 acres, yet was thoughtfully designed with the perfect floorplan and price tag for this family.

So, if you are looking for that perfect vacation home, you may opt for a smaller option, save a few dollars and get a huge return on pure enjoyment.

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A modern, efficient use of 1,718 sq.ft. in this 3 bedroom Martis Camp home.

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