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The Best Thing I’ve Done in Tahoe This Summer

When my husband came home one day earlier this summer with 2 standup paddleboards, I was a bit skeptical. When would we have the time? Can the kids enjoy this? Will I even be able to do it? All of these questions and concerns dissipated the first time I stepped on the board and enjoyed the beauty that surrounded one on the open water. It’s no wonder that the sport is gaining so much in popularity, because it really is the most incredible feeling to be out in the middle of the lake without any barriers, noises, or distractions.

My most memorable summer adventure was our recent paddleboard on Lake Tahoe. We arrived at the lake around 8am and the water was like glass. We launched the boards at King’s Beach and headed east towards the California-Nevada border. There were no boats, no people, and the lake was as calm as could be. I found myself staring down into that deep blue water more often than straight ahead. To see the huge rock formations and schools of fish was mesmerizing. The lake has a clarity level of 70 ft. We passed several beautiful homes, beaches-including the secluded Speedboat-and turned around after rounding Cal Neva point. As we headed back, I was thankful for another way to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe.