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The Best Thing I’ve Done in Tahoe This Summer

Summers in Tahoe are my busiest time of the year as a real estate professional. Therefore, it’s rare that I get the opportunity to really spend quality time with my wife and two children. In a world where we’re constantly connected and expected to be available 24-7, it’s challenging to find the time to shut off the phone/computer and focus on what’s most important – family. This summer I had the unique opportunity to do just that for a few special hours. I went out to Prosser Lake with Susie (wife), Annika (daughter), Ridge (son), and my dog Reese. We packed a lunch, our paddleboards, and even threw a few cold beers in the cooler. Our plan was to paddle board for about an hour and then have a picnic lunch. However, the two-hour outing turned out to be an entire afternoon of fun memories. I accidently left my phone at home! At first I panicked a little, but then let it go. I ended up having an afternoon of simple activity with lots of laughing and smiling.

We paddle-boarded around the lake and then stopped in the middle of it. We swam and played in the lake for over an hour. It was the middle of the week, so we had the lake all to ourselves. My dog even enjoyed doggy-paddling around. We got to see a bald eagle as it flew right over us. It was just quality time without the distractions and stress of everyday work and life. It was bliss! We ended up spending the whole afternoon at Prosser Lake, and finished with an early dinner at Gray’s Crossing. I felt reconnected with my family and had a great time doing something so simplistic. I was also reminded of why we live in Tahoe and how easy it is to enjoy life here.