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The Best Thing I’ve Done in Tahoe This Summer

I am one of those people that count the days until winter and can’t wait until it starts snowing again. I love cutting my own firewood in the fall knowing that winter is right around the corner and will soon blanket town. I will be out backcountry skiing every morning before work and watch the sunrise for my winter ritual.

I am often asked what we do in Truckee/Tahoe in the summer, and I think the better question is what we don’t do. I’ve lived in Truckee since I was a young boy, and my favorite summer pastimes remain the same to this day. There’s nothing quite like watching the sunrise while mountain biking on one of the many epic Truckee/Tahoe trails, a morning round of golf on one of our many championship golf courses, taking the dogs out for a hike, swimming in the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe…however, my favorite summer memory did not include any of these things this year.

As a fairly new father I am know seeing town and activities through an entirely different view and loving every minute of it. The train through downtown Truckee use to be an inconvenience, now it is a welcome sight and I love it when we get stopped at the tracks to watch it pass as my son is laughing and happy as can be watching “Thomas” go through town. One of my most nostalgic memories growing up in Truckee was joining the community to celebrate Independence Day at the Truckee parade. It had been quite a while since I last attended, but decided to rejoin the tradition with my 1 ½ year old son. He absolutely lit up with joy while watching the fire trucks floats drive by and was in awe as the helicopter flew overhead. I didn’t see much of what was in the parade that day because I was so fixated on his reactions. In that moment I realized how grateful I am that my son is growing up in the same close-knit community that brings families together and offered me a childhood of outdoor adventures and exploration.