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Although the forest fire smoke from the Rim Fire in Yosemite impaired our air quality and forced many locals and visitors to put a temporary hold on their outdoor activities, it did provide for some unbelievable sunsets in the Tahoe area. My favorite thing that I have done this summer was kayaking on Lake Tahoe on a smoky evening in August. We put our kayaks in at Speedboat Beach and paddled across towards Incline Village. Initially, the goal was to continue east to explore some of the alluring coves along the shoreline, however, the sunset was so captivating that we paused in amazement to float and witness the sky turning orange, and the water pink. The glow from the backlit mountains and the softly colored water made this a surreal experience that I will always remember.

Now that the presence of forest fire smoke is diminishing and the air quality has improved substantially, I plan to once again kayak on Lake Tahoe, this time to the Sand Harbor coves and beyond. There are numerous establishments on the lake to rent kayaks, canoes, and other water sports equipment from by the day, or half-day; I chose to do so in Kings Beach. Before the snow begins to fall, I highly recommend packing up a snack and getting in a self-propelled vessel to experience a sunset on the waters of Lake Tahoe.