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While we may now never quite get back to the “normal” that we experienced and quite possibly took for granted a few months ago, I’m now ready for the day when our historic Miracle March snow melts off along with the fear of this pandemic, and I can go ride my mountain bike once again.

With windows of favorable weather in between recent snowstorms, I have been dedicating my time to training on my road bike, which is great and quite peaceful during this time, but pales in comparison to being in the woods of our beautiful home on a warm summer evening.

Yogis, Jackass, Euer Valley, Hawks Peak, Martis Peak, Tahoe Rim Trail, Jellystone Jump Trail, Chimney Beach Downhill, Incline Flume Trail, Tyrolean Downhill, Hole in the ground, just to name a few great rides — all quietly waiting to unlock and bring joy to so many riders like myself.

I love the self-competitive nature of trying to be faster in some respects of your ride, coupled with the balance and meditative state you enter as you connect with nature on multiple levels. For me, I’ve always only really enjoyed the downhill sections of each ride, but as I get older, I’m growing to love the challenge, pain and reward that climbing your bike offers. A pair of legs, a chain and two pedals can take you to so many amazing places.

While I love going for a nice long mountain bike ride by myself, the many solo rides I have already logged on my road bike during this pandemic has me longing for the best part about mountain biking — sharing the experience with others. I hope that we will be able to get back to high fives, riding in packs, carpooling to the trailhead, and sitting on tailgates, reflecting after the ride together. Stay safe everyone and let’s look forward to an amazing summer in the mountains together.