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How to Beat the Crowds and Do Cool Stuff

It’s ok to admit it…you’re a “weekend warrior,” and there’s nothing wrong with that. If I didn’t choose to live in a ski resort town, I’d be right there with you every Friday in the sea of headlights, searching for fresh powder and crisp mountain air.

But learning how to navigate town can be challenging and can either make or break your weekend experience. Yes, you want to impress your friends and family with your wealth of Tahoe area knowledge, but really, you should ask someone for help. The only thing is…the ones that know the area the best, the LOCALS, tend to hold their cards tight to their chests.

Well…I’m cut from a different cloth and am happy to be that local resource you’ve been longing for! I’ve learned from my experiences in the customer service industry, that to be a good ambassador is to also share those reasons why I have decided to call this beautiful place my home now for the last ten years.

So…Maybe its a Bay Area cultural thing, but I’ve noticed that visitors to the area tend to follow each other around all weekend. The perception that if its crowded, or if people are flocking to a specific area of the mountain…then that must be the best place to be. Logistics can be tiring on a vacation and the easy route of following the herd can be the easiest play.

So here are a few tips on some of my favorite places in Truckee and Northstar and how to maximize your time spent shredding pow and having fun while minimizing time standing in lines…

Food and Drink

The interesting thing about Truckee is that some of our best dining locations are in obscure locations. Whether it be industrial plazas or airports, if the product is good, locals will gravitate wherever they are located.

Red Truck

Arguably the best place for breakfast and lunch is at the Truckee Airport with Red Truck. Red Truck, recently expanding their business from their iconic food truck to this new location, come 12 Noon has a line out the door, so make sure to get there at 11am or 1:30ish, but calling in your order ahead is your best bet to get a timely meal. If you want the best fuel for tackling a big day on the slopes, get their by 9am for their amazing breakfast bowl comprised of tatertots, avocados,meat,egg,cheese and spinach. For lunch, I suggest going with whatever special they have that day and you wont go wrong. All product is organic, farm to table and they even have an outdoor grassy seating area with a playground so kids and parents alike can play and watch planes taxi while they wait for their lunch. 

Marty’s Cafe/ Marty’s Provisions

If you haven’t been to Marty’s yet you are truly missing something in your life. The first time I sank my jaws into their fried egg sandwich the sky seemed to turn a bit bluer and the sun, shine a bit brighter from that day on. Marty Carlton, the owner/executive chef, is most known for cooking for the Bush family at their Kennebunkport, Maine retreat for a good 10-year period while moonlighting as owner and operation a well known restaurant called Seascapes. Don’t be scared if there is a long line, its a small space and they turn tables over like the wind.

Cottonwood Restaurant

Your body is hopefully now delightfully sore from hours of shredding pow, as it’s time to kick back with some friends and family and unwind. Cottonwood has a special place in my heart because it reminds me of a place my family used to frequent at Sugarloaf called Hugs with its intimate, historic setting. With beautiful views of downtown Truckee, and dining in what used to be the warming hut for this historic ski area. With old wooden ski poles and boards lining the entry way, and great live music, you really feel like you’ve stumbled upon something special. Make sure to order the brussel sprouts, buttermilk dipped chicken wings and their famous french margarita.

Savemart not Safeway!

Hopefully you were smart enough to stop prior to coming to Truckee for supplies, but if you find yourself having to battle the grocery stores in town I highly suggest going to Savemart instead of Safeway. They have a similar offering, and a decent amount of organic produce that will get you by, and it’ll only be you and a few locals in line as opposed to lines that can extend from checkout all the way through the aisles at Safeway. You’ve been warned.

And if you are now considering also calling Truckee your home… contact me for more information or to schedule a tour today. 

I’ll look for you this weekend, and now you know where to find me!