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Meraki (n.): to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself in your work.

Throughout my life I’ve been a part of something, a business, that is run with meraki. My family’s sleepaway summer camp, located in the lakes region of New England, is a cherished haven for hundreds of loyal children year after year. I spent sun-kissed summers there as a camper, a counselor, and am still heavily involved to this day. It’s dubbed a Home-Away-From-Home to most, but to me, it’s my one true home. It’s the place that tells the story of who I am.

As a young camper I had counselors from all over the globe, which opened my eyes to the glistening world around us, and is what ultimately brought my life to Lake Tahoe. Without Camp I wouldn’t have had the zest for grand adventure, my love for lakes and mountains, or the confidence to make the big move west – and build my life here. Now I am fortunate enough to look forward to the time when my daughter can head off to Camp and make memories of her own.

Until then, she can play here in Tahoe’s magical playground. Just like at Camp, we fill our day with activities. We explore secret beaches, dance in the kitchen, and strap skis on our feet when the snow blows in. My Home-Away-From-Home is right here in Truckee, California. Being able to share these moments, places, and dreams with my daughter affords me the luxury of raising her with meraki.