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I wanted a change of scenery. I wasn’t taking full advantage of San Francisco any more. I was usually too worn out from a long day of high tech meetings and commuting to try a new restaurant, go out with friends, or even take a short bay cruise. I decided to hit the reset button and move to Tahoe. That was 12 years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

“Striving for this equilibrium and being present with my family is my ultimate goal…”

Being new to real estate, I asked my broker, “what’s the key to success?” He didn’t hesitate. “Exude the lifestyle!” It sounded a little odd at the time, but it makes sense now. My clients want the same thing that brought me to this beautiful place, even if they’re not relocating full time like I did. I frequently find myself sharing experiences with them. It’s a natural blend of work and play so common in Tahoe. I enjoy just about any time spent outdoors, and most of my clients do, too. Taking a scenic hike with my husband, relaxing at the beach with my kids, boating or paddle boarding with friends on the lake, or even making solo turns on a mid-week powder day. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to live, work, and raise a family with so many adventures and natural beauty right out my door.

I love hearing what my clients do with their time in Tahoe, getting to know their family, and sharing ideas for fun activities or the next great vacation. I’ve also been lucky enough to spend time with many of my clients beyond touring real estate. It’s this blend of work-play-life that is so important to me and my family. Striving for this equilibrium and being present with my family is my ultimate goal and living in Tahoe has gotten me closer to this delicate balance. It’s almost as if my success in real estate is a direct and positive correlation to enjoying this incredible lifestyle. I continue to be humbled by all of it.